Sunday, September 12, 2010

First Day of School

Okay, it's catch up are the kiddos on their first days of school. Em started first grade and transitioned beautifully. She was such a great student in Kindergarten, and thus far has continued on in like fashion. Here she is on her first day in front of our new home and then with her teacher, Mrs. Buchholz!

Case began preschool (his first schooling ever) this year. He goes to a 2 day/wk. program at a local church. I was nervously praying for him all summer, as he's my kiddo who doesn't always take to transition so well. When the day arrived, he was SOOO excited that he kept asking when it would be time to leave. He was actually driving me BATTY so I set the timer in the kitchen for him. The sweet boy literally sat at watched the time tick by, ever-so-often calling out a time update for me. Needless to say he waltzed right into his classroom and the rest is history. Here he is on his first day (notice the totally Case pose) and then one with his teachers, Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Bailey.