Saturday, February 27, 2010

You say potatoe, I say pah-ta-to

So, apparently misusing similar words must be genetic? I still get ridiculed by my immediately family for misreading the word, "pedestrian" as "presbyterian". It was quite humorous since we were playing a game and I was asking a question about a "Presbyterian crossing the road". Ha!

The other night at dinner, this was our conversation....

eWe: Hey, Poppy...I'm doing an enrichment program at school.

Poppy: Oh wow! Who is teaching/running it?

Me: Well, the old librarian used to do it, but she left. Now a group of parents took it on.

Poppy: Karen, they don't call them "Librarians" anymore. It's "Media Specialist".

Me: Oh geez. Gimme a break. Hey eWe, what do you call Ms. Belle (the old librarian).

eWe: What do you mean?

Me: You know, what does she DO?

eWe: Well, she doesn't do anything any more. She left. Ya know, she's too tired.

Me: Ha! You mean RETIRED? Hahahahahhaahaha.

Well, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, eh? Besides, the way I see it Ms. Belle might have actually left because she WAS too tired. I would be if I was a LIBRARIAN (not Media Specialist) in an elementary school.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weave it to me.

So, eWe is sporting her new dress from Nicaragua that Poppy brought home for her. It is so precious. He took a few full length pictures of her that I'll try to post later. She is also doing one of my most favorite activities from childhood...weaving potholders. Seriously, I might have to do one of my own one night after she's in bed:) Ha!

She got this from Nana and Pa for Valentine's Day, so she's already decided that they will be the lucky recipients of her first masterpiece!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Portrait II

Okay, so here's Lil' C's painting of me. He wanted to be sure that I understood that I had a dress on. I'm okay with that, but where are my stinkin' legs? Okay, okay I could complain but do you see that circle above my head? I can only assume that he intended for that to be a halo b/c he thinks I'm a precious angel of a mommy, right? Let's put it this way...if you disagree, keep it to yourself! Ha!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So, you never know how others view you, right? Well, recently eWe learned how to draw girl people from her friend at school. She was excited to show me her version of me. What do you think? Lil' C also painted me recently. I'll have to take a picture of that and post it as well.

Another year...

So yesterday was my 34th birthday! Whew! On one hand, I LOVE birthdays. It's a day to feel extra special and do fun things with people you love. On the other hand, I struggle with turning older. Ugh!

At any rate, it was a really great day. We were traveling and had spent the night with the hub's Aunt Jan (a.k.a Nitty) and cousin, Morgan. I got to sleep in a bit, and then Nitty made me an awesome breakfast omelet. After that Morgan and I logged some miles running up to meet the rest of the group on the main street through town.....which has shopping, eats, etc. We strolled for a bit and then I ran home, grabbed a shower, and we headed to Pei Wei for of my FAVS!!!! Afterwords, Morgan treated me to the best replacement-for-a-birthday cake ever...Gurtzberry's. Have you ever had it? Oh is AMAZING natural frozen yogurt. I had raspberry mixed with green tea and original and then topped it with granola, mango, and kiwi. Heaven!!! I totally recommend trying it out!

So, then we headed home via the local running store so that I could get fitted for a new pair of shoes. This was a new experience for me, and it was interesting to learn about the way that I am balanced, striking, running, etc. I got a pair of shoes, and will be interested to see how they work for me as my training progresses. I'll keep you posted.

Anyway, for the past several years my b.i.l, Brian (a.k.a Bdog) has come up with themes or mottos for our age, since he and I are the same age (okay, okay, he's a few months younger). I think it started with "twenty-fine" for 29! Ha! So, what should this year's motto be? Last year was "33, being free!, being me!" What rhymes with 34? bore, core, door, floor, gore, lure, more, pour, poor, roar, soar store, sure, tour, tore, your, whore (kidding) really, what should it be? I'll be thinking of it, but if you have any suggestions give me a shout...especially you, Bdog (Erin will have to ask you since I'm sure you don't read this ridiculous blog).

So, once I have my motto then I can begin thinking through my new goals for the year.....I don't know if I can come up with 34, but I'd like to try. Any suggestions?

Okay, so you have your!

Friday, February 12, 2010

One of my favorites....

Okay moms.....

Easter is coming and so is warmer weather! If you are looking for some PRECIOUS outfits for your toddler girls, please check out my friend Marilyn's clothing line called "Oh, Hannah!" . You will NOT be disappointed.

Here are a few pictures of her newer items! Happy shopping...

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Simpsons

Well, I just got back from an awesome visit with my sister and her family. The winter storm made travel a bit precarious, but I got there and back without a glitch. My oldest nephew, Jack, and my niece Ella-Kathryn both had a snow day on Friday too, so we had extra fun time together with the whole family.

Mel and I spent Thursday alone together, thanks to Jeff. We had lunch, shopped a bit, and grabbed coffee. If I haven't said this before...I LOVE MY SISTER! She is so real, so precious-hearted, and hilarious as all get out. I love being with her:)

The rest of our time was spent eating too much junk and candy, watching Tim Hawkins comedy, playing Band Hero (so addictive, especially the drums for me), watching movies, playing games, and just hanging out. It was great. I was so sad to have to leave!

Here are a few pics...

This one is my precious nephew Ryan! It's the first time I actually got to meet him face-to-face and hold him. He is quite a miracle. What a chunk-a-munk. He is also one of the happiest babies ever. If you even glance in his general direction, he's ALL smiles. He's got a laugh that would melt your heart. I could just eat him up!

This is my niece, Ella-Kathryn. She informed me that she now wants to be called "EK", but if your family you can still call her Ella-Kathryn. Hilarious! She is so dear. We played checkers, she read to me, she showed me her how she gives her horse a bath, and did a puzzle for me.

This is my HUGE nephew Jack. He's the first kiddo to make me an aunt:) I can't believe how tall he is. I am so proud of him, too. He's continues to mature, and I can see his faith coming out in his actions. I watched as he tolerated his "annoying" littler siblings, put them first often, was quick to make right any wrong behavior towards his parents, and just was simply engaging with me which I loved. We played checkers, watch a comedian while snuggling and laughing, and he showed me all his cool stuff like his knife from Poppy and his new bow and arrow (from us). He's such a creative one....truly thinks outside of the box. I am loving watching the Lord take him and mold him. He's into hunting, motorcross, and pretty much anything his Daddy is into. Here he is getting ready to go out and play in the snow.

Last, but certainly NOT least is Will! This is his attempt to smile for "K.K." as he now calls me. I suppose that's better than "Aunt Chewy" (which is the name of their dog! Ha!). He is ALL personality ALL the time. Like Mel said, he's either hot or cold. The hot side of him is loveable, cuddly, and HA-Larious! He'll say things like, "aww, shoot", "man", "dude", and other precious expressions. He keeps me rollin'. But boy, when he's out! He's a screamer and is going through a bit of a "me" phase. He's been known to attack his siblings with any means necessary. It makes me laugh, but that's just because I'm not his mama...I get to just be Aunt K.K:)

And here is my band! We had them jammin' out to music and Band Hero. I was also dressed accordingly, but I'll spare you that picture. I taught them all my moves...hammer, roger rabbit, the cabbage patch, sprinkler, etc. Yea, you know your jealous! Ha! They are SOOOO fun and funny.

Thanks, Simpsons....I love you all so much! Missing you already!