Thursday, August 27, 2009


I'm in my usual afternoon coke and random acts of catch up. after having traveled on and off for several weeks now, though, i am fluctuating between just wanting to plop down and do nothing and run around and get it all done immediately. i have a few little updates for those of you that care...
  • the KY house is packed and ready to be loaded by the hubs tomorrow and put in storage. if all goes as planned, we should be closing next week.
  • Ryan Kemp Simpson (my sweet nephew) is off all "helps" and is scheduled to have a circumcision tomorrow a.m. followed by his official discharge to go home! Praise God, The Healer! I'm so proud of my family, by the way. Mel is a rock, even though she doesn't see that in her self that way. She is stronger and more faithful than she gives herself credit for. My sweet Dad is such a servant. He's been there for 3 weeks serving, trying to stay out of the way, and fill in the gaps. He's weary and yet committed. And then there is my hubs, in-laws, kiddos, and friends. They all pitched in, sucked it up, and worked it out so that I could be present as well. My family ROCKS!
  • Sweet eWe started Kindergarten today. She thought she might feel shy, but when I pulled the lunchbox out this morning she couldn't stand it. She said, "Boy, this is so exciting!" Sweet girl. She's just like her mama...she loves any bag, contraption, etc that will help her organize her life. She did great! Her teacher was the one who walked her to the pick up line today and said, "She had a great first day, Mom. She is such a bright little girl."

Okay, so does that sum it up?

I have some other random thoughts mulling about in my head, but i'll save those for another post.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Family ties....

This week has come and gone in a blur. It began with an offer on our home in KY....could this be the one? We still have several hurdles such as inspection on Tuesday (if you think to pray), but we'll see.

Next, came the saga of the mysterious rash that covers my upper back, chest, arms, and legs. I've been to two docs in two states and have had both a steriod pack and shot....maybe it's getting better? It's hard to say. Besides, they still have no clue what in the world caused it. But I do love how my friend, Les said that at least by taking steriods to heal I might also get buff! Love that!

And last but not sweet nephew who was due to arrive 9.9.09 came 5 weeks early. My sister, Mel, went in for a normal appointment and found out her fluid was way low, and the baby had the cord wrapped twice. So, about 2 hours later they welcomed Ryan Kemp Simpson into the world via c-section. Due to his premature arrival, he was taken to a different hospital to a NICU because his lungs are not fully developed and because he has an infection. He's stable on the respirator currently, but they are hoping for a clear chest xray in order to proceed in weaning him off oxygen and getting him stronger. His heart has also been a bit of a concern, but we'll know more on that later.

Meanwhile, back at the beach Dad and I packed up and headed to NW AR to be with them. 17 hours later we arrived. Dad got to go in and meet Ryan, but I still haven't had the chance (only parents and grandparents are allowed in the NICU). I did stay with Mel overnight in the hospital, and we got to bring her home the following morning. Since then we've just been juggling the 3 other kids, meals, trips to the NICU, laundry and housekeeping, etc.

My precious hubs kept my two kiddos for two days at home while he worked, and then drove 12 hours to be with his family in Memphis. It will be crowded at his Mom and Dad's too because The Crenshaw recently sold their house and have moved in with Mom and Dad while waiting for their new home to be built.

I have been struck by how some people have communicated that they can't believe we'd come all this way...stay for extended the hubs' family could tolerate all those people in the same house...etc. REALLY? Isn't that what family does/is? I know that I am blessed to be in a family (on both sides) that truly walks with the Lord and loves one another. I guess that's not the norm, but I can't imagine having it any other way. I'm so thankful for that! I feel so blessed! Thank you Lord! And thank you sweet family....for always being there to fill in the gaps in one another lives...what a picture of Christ you are to me and to all those who watch you in action!

Okay, last but not least....check out the pictures of the newest addition to our sweet family, Ryan Kemp Simpson. Please continue praying for his little life! Thank you! Oh, and if you want to link into Mel's blog just go to .

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I've been doing Beth Moore's study, "Jesus, The One and Only" with my friend Leslie. I've done the study once before, many years ago, but it's been nice to go through it again. It always amazes me how the Lord aligns my lessons to totally speak to my heart.

Just yesterday I was spewing hopelessness to my dear friend (and S.I.L), Erin. Unfortunately many of you have probably heard the same from me if you've talked to me in the past week. I've just been struggling with our family's current situation.

For those of you that aren't aware, 2 years ago we put our house in KY on the market at the prompting of the hubs getting a new job that would take us to TN. Fortunately, it ended up that the hubs could work from anywhere and after only a few months of separation he returned to KY to be with us while we tried to sell the house. Several months later, my Mom passed away and it became clear to us that we should/wanted to move down to FL to be with my Dad and just leave the house on the market. Again, the Lord provided for us through a renter. He needed a place to stay desperately for several months and in return he was able to take care of our home and pay a little towards our mortgage and bills.

This year has been so good for us in FL. We've fallen in love with the climate, the small town life of island living, being with Dad, our schedule and pace, and the new people in our lives.....and ultimately just have seen so much of what the Lord purposed this time to be. It has not been without it's challenges....which I'll just leave unnamed for now.

But all the while we've said that we will need to really pray through what we should do once the end of the year came, once our house in KY sells, etc. Well, the end of the year came and went and the house still hadn't sold. Oh, we've had plenty of traffic and a couple offers, but they were all fruitless. So, we decided that we would just keep the house on the market, continue to live here in FL (why uproot once again?), and pray, pray, pray for direction for the future.

So what is the point that originally propelled me into this recap? Well, when we think about the future decision we often feel that we have absolutely have NO direction. There are pieces that ultimately just won't fit into the same solution puzzle, which means we'll have to leave them behind. In essence, whatever we choose we feel like we will be sacrificing something important to us. And, more than anything we don't care to sacrifice it if we just felt like we knew that what we were choosing was what the Lord wanted. We just haven't heard Him on this.

But, it was good for me to re-read the story of Mary and Martha this morning...for many reasons, but mostly for v.42 where Christ stated that "Mary has chosen". The definition of the word "chosen" in the Greek includes this...."not necessarily implying the rejection of what is not chose, but giving favor to the chosen subject, keeping in view a relationship to be established between the one choosing and the object chosen. It involves preference and selection from among many choices."

See, we have many choices in regards to where to live. Each of those choices have lots of pros, some cons, but ultimately the struggle is that in choosing one means we don't choose another. It encouraged my heart to know that our choice will not necessarily imply rejection of the other. And, my wise S.I.L, Erin reminded me of this next point just last night.....that as we are seeking the Lord on what is next we might not truly come to some perfect solution for all the pieces. Something may have to die (some part of our preferences) as we make a selection. But in the end it will come down to a choice. And while Martha chose something good...opening her home to Christ, making preparations that were necessary, etc......Mary chose something better. She was undistracted, she made a choice, and as a result sat at the feet of her Savior listening...soaking up His widsom and love. Yes, we can make a good choice too and Christ will love us just as much. For He clearly loved both of these women regardless. But I so desperately want to make the better choice, the BEST choice! I pray the hubs will be undistracted as he seeks the Lord on leading our family in this area. I pray that we both will remember that many things are important in making this choice, but that only one thing is necessary....Christ. What He wants for us, where He is calling us, our relationships with Him.

We aren't necessarily up against a decision right now, but it's always there looming in the back of our minds... as we search to find our place in this community (and consider if it's even possible to find our place), as our house gets looked at and offers are made, as we hear from loved ones about their desire for us to be near them, as we think about needing to give Dad back his space (literally and figuratively), etc. And for some reason I've been feeling as though answers won't come.

But, as Beth Moore pointed out a few weeks ago and as my dear friend Leslie continues to remind me...God is at work right now purposing our future...even if it appears as if nothing is happening!

Thank you, Lord....for reminding me today that you are at work, you do care, you do have a plan, and that if we are seeking to make the BEST decision you will honor our hearts!