Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weekend plans..

Well, the hubs and I decided to get out of town for a weekend for a belated birthday/anniversary celebration. It was such an amazing time....great B&B, awesome weather, and fun sights. Chad didn't have a ton of success with yummy meals, but we joke that he's always a terrible orderer:) He MIGHT have a slightly high standard when it comes to food too, but don't tell him I said that or I'll be in BIG trouble! Ha!

Anyway, here are few pics from our trip...climbing 219 stairs up the lighthouse, the view from up top, lunch by the fort, and our private balcony view at the B&B!

While we were away, my Dad (Poppy) was kind enough to keep the kiddos. Fortunately the weather was awesome and there was lots of fun kid-friendly stuff going on around the island, so he was set! He apparently told Em and Case what all they were going to do, so Emily....being MY daughter and a girl after my own heart....opted to make a list of their plans! HILARIOUS! Dad said she not only made the list, but also carried it with them and kept them on task. LOVE IT! Here's her list with my translation.....

Farmers market, parade, face painting, jumpy thing, putt putt
Things to do today.
For Poppy.
From Emily.
Sorry Emmalo (her nickname...Case and she have a secret little world in which she's Emilo and he's Caselo, etc...).

Monday, March 15, 2010

U never know

So as I was flipping through eWe's graded school work that came home this week, I discovered a sheet of construction paper. It was folded in the middle and titled, "words with u" on one side and "words with c" on the other. Clearly, they were supposed to cut pictures of out a magazine that met the above stated criteria. So, here is what eWe turned in:

So, you have to imagine that her teachers were thinking...." does this have a "u" in it?" Boy? nope, no "u". Man? no. Kid? no again.

Now, eWe is a very bright kiddo and a great student....they would most likely be shocked that she couldn't get this assignment completed correctly. I love that about them by the way...always assume the best! Anyway, so instead of marking it as wrong they simply asked her. Her response? Well, see for yourself....

Oh, of course....why didn't I think of that? What????? I'm not sure whether I should be proud for her unique mind, creativity and intelligence or be appalled by the length that she might have went to make a picture fit the criteria so that she could be finished. Okay, I'm going with proud but I'm still laughing at it! This one is going to be a keeper:)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mohawks are so....yesterday.....

Well, that didn't last long:)

I told Lil' C to go get his sweatshirt on this morning as we were preparing to leave for the Y. He came out of his room calling, "Mom, I don't want this on!" I replied, "Buddy, it's cold outside. You HAVE to wear it." And then he came around the corner and said, "No, Mom. Not my sweatshirt, my mohawk." Ha!

Well, I needed to leave like 5 minutes ago, but the Hubs walked in as we were discussing cutting it off later and said, "I'll do it right now. It will take like 3 seconds." And he did it and we were on our way.

Yes, he does look a bit skinned...but before we know it we'll be lining him up for another haircut:)

Lil' Dude

So the other night I asked the hubs to cut Lil' C's know, just trim it up. As C was headed into the Woelke Barber Shop, his sister chimed in with her fashion suggestion....a mohawk. Well, Lil' C is so "go with the flow" and he idolizes his sissy so here's what we ended up with....

He had haircut remorse the next morning as he thought through all the attention he might receive at the Y (he's not one for attention, good or bad). But, in the end he actually liked the attention. So, we'll let him keep it for a week or so before trimming it off and returning him to the preppy little guy that his Nana loves (she did NOT like the new do...thought we'd fallen off our rockers to have cut it as such...HA!).

Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring Watch Week

eWe's dance studio has a "watch week" where parents and grandparents can come to class. It was fun to see eWe's progress from the Fall's Watch Week. Dance hasn't been her favorite thing lately. She takes a Ballet, Tap, and Tumble combo class and I think that the Spring has been mostly Ballet and Tap as they prepare for the Showcase in May. Unfortunately, Tumble has proven to be eWe's favorite. I'm guessing gymnastics might be in our near future???

Anyway, here are some fun shots of her doing her thing...

My favorite action shot.....

Nice, eWe, nice! Ha!


eWe's new "big girl" haircut

"first missing tooth" smile:)

Lil' C's first baseball uniform! Daddy is co-coaching and Mommy is the Team Mom (a.k.a. Biggest sucker around). Go REDS!