Monday, March 15, 2010

U never know

So as I was flipping through eWe's graded school work that came home this week, I discovered a sheet of construction paper. It was folded in the middle and titled, "words with u" on one side and "words with c" on the other. Clearly, they were supposed to cut pictures of out a magazine that met the above stated criteria. So, here is what eWe turned in:

So, you have to imagine that her teachers were thinking...." does this have a "u" in it?" Boy? nope, no "u". Man? no. Kid? no again.

Now, eWe is a very bright kiddo and a great student....they would most likely be shocked that she couldn't get this assignment completed correctly. I love that about them by the way...always assume the best! Anyway, so instead of marking it as wrong they simply asked her. Her response? Well, see for yourself....

Oh, of course....why didn't I think of that? What????? I'm not sure whether I should be proud for her unique mind, creativity and intelligence or be appalled by the length that she might have went to make a picture fit the criteria so that she could be finished. Okay, I'm going with proud but I'm still laughing at it! This one is going to be a keeper:)


Melanie said...

That is AWESOME!!!!

Aunt E said...

Oh my goodness! What a smart, precious girl! I love you, EM! I am so proud of you!!!