Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weekend plans..

Well, the hubs and I decided to get out of town for a weekend for a belated birthday/anniversary celebration. It was such an amazing time....great B&B, awesome weather, and fun sights. Chad didn't have a ton of success with yummy meals, but we joke that he's always a terrible orderer:) He MIGHT have a slightly high standard when it comes to food too, but don't tell him I said that or I'll be in BIG trouble! Ha!

Anyway, here are few pics from our trip...climbing 219 stairs up the lighthouse, the view from up top, lunch by the fort, and our private balcony view at the B&B!

While we were away, my Dad (Poppy) was kind enough to keep the kiddos. Fortunately the weather was awesome and there was lots of fun kid-friendly stuff going on around the island, so he was set! He apparently told Em and Case what all they were going to do, so Emily....being MY daughter and a girl after my own heart....opted to make a list of their plans! HILARIOUS! Dad said she not only made the list, but also carried it with them and kept them on task. LOVE IT! Here's her list with my translation.....

Farmers market, parade, face painting, jumpy thing, putt putt
Things to do today.
For Poppy.
From Emily.
Sorry Emmalo (her nickname...Case and she have a secret little world in which she's Emilo and he's Caselo, etc...).

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