Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mohawks are so....yesterday.....

Well, that didn't last long:)

I told Lil' C to go get his sweatshirt on this morning as we were preparing to leave for the Y. He came out of his room calling, "Mom, I don't want this on!" I replied, "Buddy, it's cold outside. You HAVE to wear it." And then he came around the corner and said, "No, Mom. Not my sweatshirt, my mohawk." Ha!

Well, I needed to leave like 5 minutes ago, but the Hubs walked in as we were discussing cutting it off later and said, "I'll do it right now. It will take like 3 seconds." And he did it and we were on our way.

Yes, he does look a bit skinned...but before we know it we'll be lining him up for another haircut:)

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