Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Being faithful in the little things....

I just read about the life of Betty Olsen who was a missionary nurse that traveled to Vietnam during the war. That in and of itself is amazing, right? But, what was most amazing about her is that she was captured, mistreated, and yet all the while she tended to the other captives, shared Christ with them, and then with her dying words told her captives of her and God's love for them...no matter that they had tortured and killed her. Stinkin' AMAZING, right?

I struggle a little in reading that because I feel like what I do each and every day will never amount to much for the Lord. I haven't been called to some war torn remote village (yet), I haven't been taken captive (even if some days I feel trapped by the world's demands), and I don't have any true enemies to speak of (although I am a pain in the #@& and I'm sure I'm often not people's favorite or have let them down). I want so desperately to leave a handprint on this world...not for my glory, but for HIS! I want my life to be story-worthy...again, not with my name attached. It could just be that someone writes, "Once there was this woman...". I just want to make a difference. I know, I know...I have been called to the high honor of motherhood, and being a wife. And I do consider that a blessing. I want to disciple my children and love on my hubs. Truly!

But, is that enough? Believe me, I'm not asking to be malnourished with leeches hanging from my legs....but, I do want to use all that I am. And, the sigh of relief comes for me when I finally get it...that's all Nurse Betty wanted too. She didn't set out to be a martyr for the faith. She set out to be faithful in the small things. She obeyed the call to become a nurse, which led her to a job, that led her to a church, that led her to a ministry, that led her to Vietnam, etc.

So, today I suppose I will obey the call to spend time with the Lord, look for ways to serve my family, reach out to love others in my life, and pray that today He would teach me a little more about living my life in light of my faith.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Well, so much for consistently keeping up this blog! Life! I have to admit, I'm always a dreamer when it comes to the vast amount I'd like to accomplish. Alas!

Anyway, we are enjoying all the fun activities around town...a trolley ride downtown, the Christmas parade, cookie baking, etc. But, now that the kids are old enough to "get it", Advent has become my favorite time in this season. Every night....well when we can remember and get it together in time....we have been reading a little advent story and moving Mary and Joseph closer to the manger as the take their journey to Bethlehem. Somehow, this story that I've heard over and over again has seemingly new meaning to me as I watch it take hold in my kiddos eyes.

We had the privilege of lighting the Advent candle at church last week, and our picture was put in the paper. And while that in and of itself is just a neat advantage of small island living, what's even cooler is what our Pastor said to the kiddos today....that everything they do is a witness to others and a way for them to tell others about Christ. So, my prayer is that they'll talk about what we are doing at home and well, so will I! Waiting anxiously for Christ!!!!