Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weave it to me.

So, eWe is sporting her new dress from Nicaragua that Poppy brought home for her. It is so precious. He took a few full length pictures of her that I'll try to post later. She is also doing one of my most favorite activities from childhood...weaving potholders. Seriously, I might have to do one of my own one night after she's in bed:) Ha!

She got this from Nana and Pa for Valentine's Day, so she's already decided that they will be the lucky recipients of her first masterpiece!


LoveBKWJ said...

Oh my....I think I made every person in my whole life a potholder when I was E's age!! :) That is a hoot! How fun! :)

MB & J said...

ooooh, that was one of my favorites as a kid, too! and you definitely should do one after she goes to bed! i know i would! :-)

Aunt E said...

Okay, JUST catching up on all of these!!!! I was cracking up at the "too tired" story! HA! the haircuts and lost teeth! Miss you guys! LOVE YOU!!!