Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Portrait II

Okay, so here's Lil' C's painting of me. He wanted to be sure that I understood that I had a dress on. I'm okay with that, but where are my stinkin' legs? Okay, okay I could complain but do you see that circle above my head? I can only assume that he intended for that to be a halo b/c he thinks I'm a precious angel of a mommy, right? Let's put it this way...if you disagree, keep it to yourself! Ha!

1 comment:

LoveBKWJ said... look just like casper the friendly ghost! That was my favorite cartoon when I was a kid!!! hee hee...I'll tell ya girl...You are beautiful inside and out and I think your kids have captured you with more love than any camera could have! LOVE the pictures!!!