Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another year...

So yesterday was my 34th birthday! Whew! On one hand, I LOVE birthdays. It's a day to feel extra special and do fun things with people you love. On the other hand, I struggle with turning older. Ugh!

At any rate, it was a really great day. We were traveling and had spent the night with the hub's Aunt Jan (a.k.a Nitty) and cousin, Morgan. I got to sleep in a bit, and then Nitty made me an awesome breakfast omelet. After that Morgan and I logged some miles running up to meet the rest of the group on the main street through town.....which has shopping, eats, etc. We strolled for a bit and then I ran home, grabbed a shower, and we headed to Pei Wei for lunch....one of my FAVS!!!! Afterwords, Morgan treated me to the best replacement-for-a-birthday cake ever...Gurtzberry's. Have you ever had it? Oh my...it is AMAZING natural frozen yogurt. I had raspberry mixed with green tea and original and then topped it with granola, mango, and kiwi. Heaven!!! I totally recommend trying it out!

So, then we headed home via the local running store so that I could get fitted for a new pair of shoes. This was a new experience for me, and it was interesting to learn about the way that I am balanced, striking, running, etc. I got a pair of shoes, and will be interested to see how they work for me as my training progresses. I'll keep you posted.

Anyway, for the past several years my b.i.l, Brian (a.k.a Bdog) has come up with themes or mottos for our age, since he and I are the same age (okay, okay, he's a few months younger). I think it started with "twenty-fine" for 29! Ha! So, what should this year's motto be? Last year was "33, being free!, being me!" What rhymes with 34? bore, core, door, floor, gore, lure, more, pour, poor, roar, soar store, sure, tour, tore, your, whore (kidding).....no really, what should it be? I'll be thinking of it, but if you have any suggestions give me a shout...especially you, Bdog (Erin will have to ask you since I'm sure you don't read this ridiculous blog).

So, once I have my motto then I can begin thinking through my new goals for the year.....I don't know if I can come up with 34, but I'd like to try. Any suggestions?

Okay, so you have your homework....help!


Melanie said...

34 and going on tour - with Band Hero that is!

Aunt LaLa said...

34, there's plenty more!

34, hear me roar!

34, my life I adore!

34, opens many a door!

I'm thinking, I'm thinking! 34 is a BABY..but that doesn't ryhme! Give me time, and a Thesaurus! I'll work on it. Happy B'Day by the way! Hope you had lot's of fun!
Love you,

LoveBKWJ said...

ok...now you have me thinking?

How about 34...never been more!! :)

I mean...I guesss it is true that you have never been more than 34...since you ARE 34...but I mean MORE...never been better...the year to be the best YOu you have EVER been!! :)

ha ha ha...now work on 39 for me?

39...need a glass of wine????

The Kolbeck Trio said...

Ooo...I know, you're 34, I'm not, you're still older, and I'm not! Ha ha! Kidding! Hope your birthday was a blast.