Thursday, December 17, 2009

Father and Son

Lil' C is such a tender-hearted little guy. Yes, he's more readily known as a clown...but he's got such a sweet spirit about him. The people in his life are very important to him. He wants to know where everyone is whether its Daddy or Poppy, or Miss Leslie at the Y. He will greet you like he's not seen you in a year, each and every morning. I just love this little guy!

When I tuck him in he always asks me for a kiss, a hug, and then he wants to kiss each hand and hug my arms. Who knows? But it is our little routine and so it's precious to me! He also says the same thing as you leave the room, "Goodnite, see you in the morning, I love you." If you don't say anything back to him, he'll say it all over again:)

Well, he is a bit of a mama's boy....not in that he's not tough and into all boy things, because nothing could be more true. But more so that he prefers me over any other person in this world. Normal, no?

But, my sweet hubs is such an amazing Daddy! He puts so much into his relationship with Lil' C...all in an attempt to build a bond between father and son. I love it!

On that note, one of the things the little guy asks for consistently is for Daddy to come in and "sleep" with him. He's not afraid or too awake to fall asleep....he just knows deep down that its a special thing and so he asks for that time with his daddy.

Often, much time will pass and I'll wonder where the hubs is before realizing he has actually fallen asleep in there! I recently went looking for him on just such a night and this is what I found. I just had to take a picture. They looked like they were mirror images. I love both of them so big-hearted guys all tuckered out!


erin said...

Oh my goodness...that is PRECIOUS! I can't wait for that special "Lil C" greeting in just a few days!!!!

LoveBKWJ said...

Ok...that is the cutest thing EVER!! Such a wonderful life those kids of yours loved!! :) Merry Christmas to you all!! The Mongolds send our hugs and kisses! :)

LoveBKWJ said...

Oh..and PS...Friday...and the K party. E and K were sitting all alone, in the back cornere of the movie seats...juts a chatting away. Such a mature relationship they have! Friends...but maybe...if they had the chance in life...I bit more one day!:) I love that they love each other so. It warms my heart! :) Please give her an extra hug from K this holiday season! :)

Echols said...

Karen, I love seeing what's going on with y'all! Your kids are so amazingly cute!!! Emily looks like a teenager! Girl, I'm running the Nashville Half Marathon in April...any chance you want to join me? I'm not even at 2 miles right now, so you're already ahead of me! Lawrence might come to run it too! -Candace

Melanie said...

AWWWWW! Love those two "boys" and miss them so much!