Friday, June 11, 2010

Oh to be "Young"...

So, our dear friends the Youngs were here for a visit this week. Marilyn and I went to college together at UNC-Chapel Hill, but really became close after college when we roomed together. I can hardly believe that was 12 years ago. Oh my!

Marilyn blesses me. She is hilarious, easy-going, and incredibly wise. We have so many similar ideas and's just so life-giving to be around her.

I have LOVED getting to know her precious children, Tucker and Hannah. They are bright, funny, beautiful children and my kiddos said, "I miss them already" as they drove down the block. Tonight at dinner they Emily prayed for them to come back too! It's such sweetness to have your kiddos love those that you love!!!

So, here are a few shots of our week. We get another night with them and the bonus of having Matt here as well. Can't wait!

Pensive bike rider Case

Case, Tucker, Emily, and Hannah watching a movie (our attempt at a chill night). Notice the blank stares on our boys and the DRAMA on the faces of the chicas! Hilarious and VERY telling!

Our bathing beauties....mine is the brown one! Ha!

Em, Case, and Tucker in the tide pool finding fish and hermit crabs. Good times!

Case, Tucker, Hannah, and Emily enjoying some Shake's Frozen Custard, care of Poppy!

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Erin said...

Oh, I loved seeing both of these posts!!!! Can't wait to see you this week!
And picture of Case with his helmet on...those eyes!!! So handsome!
Love yall so much!