Sunday, June 19, 2011

That was then, and this in now...

So much catching up to do...again. I stink at this blogging thing! Ha! Oh well. Got to try. Got to start somewhere. So here are the kiddos' pictures from their 1st day of school and then their last!

They both had GREAT years!

Case never moved his "Cat off the Mat" (behavior chart), and he was noted as a "eager to please his teachers", "kind to other students", and "very bright". I'm most proud though, that he was truly respectful to his teachers, and loving to his friends.

Emily received all E's, all A's, achieved an outstanding amount of points in her AR (accelerated reading) program, and never moved her clip (behavior chart). She was noted as being "hard-working", "servant-hearted", "a great friend", "a gifted student". I'm most proud though of the P.E. award she received. It was not for the students who were most athletic (which is NOT her strong suit), but rather for the students who always tried, always encouraged others to try, and was the best encourager and team player. What a legacy to leave 1st grade with!

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Aunt LaLa said...

First of all, I am SO glad you are posting to your blog! I check every other's been a while. Second, I am glad that the kids had a great school year. They are so fortunate to be in such wonderful schools. They have both really thrived and grown, in so many ways.