Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Little Funnies...

You know how it is, kids say the funniest little things. Case started our day by dipping his dry (no milk) Life cereal into his cup of yogurt. Once he realized he could dip it as much as he wanted b/c it was his own little cup, he began saying, "I can double dip (followed by dip two), I can triple dip (followed by dip three), and I can FIPPLE dip (yep, followed by...what else?...dip Four)!" Ha!

Then in the evening it was just Em and I for dinner and out of nowhere she says,"Mom, I can scream like a little girl."
Me: I would hope so, you ARE a little girl.
E: Mom. I am NOT a little girl.
Me: Oh, are you a little BOY?
E: No. Duh, I'm a BIG girl.
Me: Oh, pardon me...and at what point does one become a BIG girl?
E: 6.
Me: Oh, and what comes after being a big girl?
E: A big, BIG girl.
Me: And at what age does that happen?
E: 27.
Me: Do you mean to tell me that Miss Molly is about to become a big, BIG girl on her birthday?
E: (at this point she realizes the hilarity of it all and begins to chuckle) Yes!
Me: Ok, so what comes after big, BIG girl?
E: Old Lady.
Me: Are you calling me an Old Lady?
E: NO. You are a big, BIG girl. You don't become an old lady until you are like 80.
Me: (laughing hysterically) Whew!

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