Sunday, November 2, 2008


We had fun trick-or-treating, but it was a slow start. Emily kept tripping in her high heels, they were asking for more than one piece of candy, ringing the doorbells multiple times (annoying the owners), and walking over flower beds. Once we got the trick-or-treating etiquette down things went a bit smoother. By the end of the night, Emily was saying, "I want to go to bed, I'm Tiiiirrreeed!" Hilarious!


Heather said...

How cute are they! C is going to have to fight off the boys later when E gets older! Does he have his shotgun ready? She is beautiful!

Melanie said...

How big Case looks, especially as he is blowing out his candles...something about that shot just sent pangs through my much I'm missing of his life. I so miss the time we spent together this summer, how our families were so close. I hate being apart...really. Love to you and all.