Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Well, my little man turned 3 yesterday! Wow, where has the time gone? He had a GREAT day filled with super fun gifts sent by family, cupcakes with sprinkles that he helped me make, a birthday lunch at McDonald's (his fav), and a trip to the beach at sunset to see the sea turtles helped to water from their nest. He has such a fun, sweet, energetic, encouraging, and funny spirit about him. He is a gift to the rest of his more serious, intense, type A, and reserved family members (I'll let you figure out who's what:)). I'm continually thankful for him, and just can't believe my "baby" is truly no longer a baby!


Music4Life said...

the kids are getting soo big miss you all lots and hope we can all be together soon <3 ya cuz xoxo

Veronica said...

LOVE this picture! So adorable. I cannot believe he is 3. Last time I saw him he was just a baby it seems.