Thursday, October 23, 2008

Home, Sweet, Home

We had a great trip overall. The kids loved the stay in the hotel, although didn't sleep much. And, they just LOVE being with family. We took walks, played in Gran's basement, went on a hayride, picked pumpkins, played at the park, and ate lots of yummy food:)

There were hard bits for Dad and I too.....returning to the house where Mom grew up, to where their relationship first started, and to just look around and notice the obvious...she was missing. I think it was hard on the rest of the family too....we serve as reminders of her to them....because I look like her maybe, but also because we were a package deal (especially she and Dad). But, we made the most of it and recognize that the next time it will probably be a little easier.

Now we're back and getting settled back in, and are especially excited to have our Hubby/Daddy HOME!!!! We hope to enjoy a great family weekend to end off our Fall Break!


The Smiths said...

The kids are precious! I enjoy catching up with you from afar by way of your new blog. How are you?

Cori said...

love ya shu!