Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My little Batman

So, Wednesdays mornings are when I have "special time" with my little Batman. I'm fortunate enough to have a friend here to carpool with a friend, and when she's not available my Dad (Poppy) has offered to take E to school. That allows me one morning to stay in my p.j.s, have an extra cup-o-joe, and play whatever my little Batman wants to. Today, we are building a train track to drive cars on. So, off I go to indulge in one of my simple time with my little guy. I know this won't be something that he desires forever...playing with Mom. He already wipes my kisses off...stinker! So, I'm going to be the best darn car driver that I can be....maybe he'll be impressed enough to ask me to do it again next Wednesday:)

1 comment:

Cori said...

So true! You've inspired me to get back in the floor and play with my kids tomorrow! ;o)