Sunday, January 25, 2009

The failures, struggles, and desires the person they call "Mom"!

We've had a lot of fun already this new year. But, the day in and day out of being a mom can truly be a struggle for me. Mostly because I desire to do it well, and always fear that I'm setting my kids up for years of counseling! Ha! I'm certain that if I would not give over to my flesh, pray more throughout the day, take deeper breaths and just let go of the little things it would be much better. Not too much to ask or expect, right? HA!

I will say, though....when I stop and look at their precious faces, when I hold them in my arms, when I watch them sleeping....I get it. None of it matters and I just need to chill out. I need to some how find a way to not let their repetitive questions, their current blaring sin/discipline issues, and their emotional drama get to me. That is but a mere blink of my day. I need to focus on the precious children God created them to be, and the AMAZING people He's training them to become. I'm part of that process, and I need to glorify Him in my role. You can pray for me as you think of it...I know it will be a continued journey for sure, but I really want to take the time to surrender this to Him and pray my way through it. How could I not?


Heather said...

We can pray for each other! Can't tell you how many posts I've deleted that sounded a lot like this ... Praying for you my friend

Aunt E said...

hmmm...amen to all of it! I love learning and being challenged on mommyhood things! Thank you for sharing your struggles and wisdom...they are priceless!

Maria said...

I am right there with you! It is the hardest job ever, yet most rewarding...I think you are doing an amazing job and that you are an amazing mother! I will be praying for you--please lift me up, too.