Sunday, January 25, 2009

Visit with Miss Nicole

Last week marked our first visit from a friend since having moved to Florida...Miss Nicole! It was such a great time of connection and fun for all of us. She is getting ready to embark on a 6 month trip to Nimibia, Africa in order to serve with African Inland Missions (A.I.M). It is such a great privilege to be a part of her team and pray her through this time. If you think of her, and our other dear friend Tricia who will be with her, please pray for them....for protection, fruitfulness in both their lives and in their ministry, and for both Nimibia and their own hearts to be left changed forever.


Heather said...

I guess our visit didn't count since we didn't come directly to you? JUST KIDDING!

Aunt E said...

SWeet Nicole! Loved "seeing" her!