Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sweet eWe!

Our sweet eWe officially completed her year at Miss Kate's Pre-K (MKPK) this week. It seems like just yesterday I posted her "first day of school" picture on this very blog! My, my! I must say, eWe was not one of those children that I felt like needed preschool for the learning or the social aspect. I did, however, feel like it would be helpful for her to sit under someone else's authority....someone with whom she couldn't pull the drama/emotional card. Miss Kate was definitely the right choice!

I also never intended to send her to everyday preschool. I was really looking for a 2 day/week program. It was a bit of a shocker for me to have her gone so much. I kind of feel like I went through what so many will go through when their kiddos go to Kindergarten. But, in the end I feel like it was great for her and very appropriate for me for the emotional year we've had. Thank you, Lord for knowing just what each of us needed and providing for it perfectly!

So, before I share the pictures let me just say to eWe....We are so very proud of you sweetheart. Certainly your biggest academic accomplishment this year has been reading. You decided that you loved words at a very young age. You talked non-stop, asked to be read to, pretended to read, and showed great interest in learning letters and their sounds. Then this year you truly took it to a whole new level by teaching yourself how to read. You amaze us everyday with your abilities!

You've also done such a great job respecting the authority of your teachers, following instructions, including other children and even pursuing them in friendships. You've learned about famous artists, foreign countries, numbers, letters, and all sorts of fun things. Perhaps, though, what I hope you take away most from this year (and me too, as I seem to struggle with this very thing) is that you can be most proud of yourself, not for succeeding, but for trying. You are so able and capable that you will not often meet with failure. And while that amazes me, I also pray that you don't find your worth in your abilities. I pray that you learn to handle failure well. I pray that you will take risks by trying things you don't think you will be good at. I pray that you will know that without Christ, all of your accomplishments are but rubbage. Do it for Him and through Him always, honey!

Okay, so on to the pictures.....

Their last day was "Pajama Day" at school. Here she is dressed and ready to go...

Here is our gang (minus me behind the camera) at the MKPK graduation pot-luck dinner.

And here is the dynamic duo serving up some yummy Shake's to all those parents and kiddos....I love that one kid asked for "just sprinkles, no ice cream". Way to know what you like and go for broke!

And last, but definitely not is Miss Kate (a.k.a The World's GREATEST teacher) handing eWe her "diploma" and a little advice tailored just for her...."have fun in Kindergarten and keep on reading!"


Erin said...

Ah! I LOVE it and it makes me sad all at once! How I wish I could bottle them all up to remember every little detail! I am so proud of you, E!

Melanie said...

WHat a big girl!!! We are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished this past year. Can't wait to hear you read.