Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So, here's what I decided about me and blogging. I always feel like I have to have something really important to say before I write, or at least something that would be of interest to those family and friends who read it. I put this pressure on myself for it to be formed, funny, or just something. I need to chill, eh? I started this in order to keep our far-away family in the loop more, to help us journal life, etc...and yet that's not what's been happening because I put so much pressure on myself. So, I'm hoping that will begin to change.

As for what's going on here....we're just doing the summer thing. Pool, beach, Y, and lots of games and puzzles. I'm so impressed with how the kids are doing swimming. They both started the summer with NUTHIN', and I mean NUTHIN'. The hubs (a former nationally ranked swimmer) took on the task of teaching them and has done awesome. eWe is doing laps, and just yesterday began using an actual stroke. She loves diving down for rings and diving sticks and as of last weekend....doing cannonballs. Lil' C still wears floaties, but all on his own he began putting his face in the water and kicking. So one day I took the floaties off and worked with him swimming to me. He did great. He still doesn't grasp the concept of treading water, so he doesn't really know what to do once he comes up for air, but the hubs is working with him on it.

Games have been huge in our house lately too. I've pulled out all my old games....Uncle Wiggly, Guess Who,'s been fun to actually play something other than Chutes-n-Ladders. They both BEG me to play games all day! I guess were going to have to find some more options so I don't pull my hair out.

As for me....I've been a slacker with my fitness goals this summer. I was derailed by all of our company in terms of time in the gym and eating. We ate out a lot, and it didn't help that I spent a lot of my time with my candyaholic, tv watching (b/c she doesn't have cable at home), pregnant but ususally stick thin sister! Ha! I didn't gain any of my previous lost pounds back, but I didn't make any progress either. So, I'm back to it. I still have 1/2 of my goal to go!

I've also decided to get certified to teach group fitness classes. I'm super nervous about this, but am not sure why. I think it's because it's one of the first things I've gone after for myself in a long while. I just don't want to disappoint myself. Plus, I am terrified whenever I imagine ever being in front of a class for the first time. Anyway, my test is in September, so for now I'm in studying mode.

What else....well, lots of things run through my mind.....

how should I best be discipling my almost 4 and 5 year old on a daily basis? Scripture memory, Bible reading, devotions?

how do I make time to be on the phone to stay connected to friends right now? I have such a short commute to anywhere here locally that car time doesn't work well. The kids are only in rest for 1 hour at the same time and that's when I have to study. The rest of the day is usually on a windy beach or in a pool. How do other people/moms do this?

what should our family do re: our living situation, house, future plans, etc. For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about...well, it's a long story....for those of you that do....sorry you have to hear it again.

Okay, I think I've emptied the think tank for the moment.....more later.


Erin said...

GREAT to get an update! Miss you guys so much! are going to do an AMAZING job teaching that class! I can't even wait to come down there and come to it! I think that is PERFECT!

Melanie said...

Praying for you and Chad as you try to figure out the living situation. Know that it's not easy any way you look at it, but also know what a blessing you've been to dad this past year. Love you and am so proud of who you are as a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend! ditto, Erin's comment about getting certified - you will be great and you are such an encourager - people will love your heart for their success:)