Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall break

Fall break has been fun. laid back and fun. day one we went to the library and out to lunch at Chick-fil-a. day two we went to the the play area at our botanical gardens (where the kids love to dress up and pretend in the outdoors...see picture) with Nana and the Crenshaw girl cousins (Livi and Elle Belle). day three we had a picnic at the park and loaded up to drive to Arkansas for the rest of the week to see my sis and her fam (hopefully more pictures to come of our time there...counting on Mel for those).'s been lovely here....campfire by night, walks in the woods in the day, cousins playing anything and everything, adults playing Catan, watching a movie in bed with my sister, breakfast each day prepared by my b.i.l (his specialties), and then men even preparing a mexican feast for us gals last night! i've LOVED it. I know that so many people feel like the time with their kids at home (on breaks from school) are stressful...but I feel just the opposite. there is no schedule, so nothing HAS to be planned. we can just roll. love it!


Aunt LaLa said...

These BEAUTIFUL children! They are so Precious and dear! So glad you are all having such a wonderful time. Wish I were there!

Erin said...

Fun, fun fall break! Love it!