Friday, November 19, 2010

A Long, long time ago in a galaxy far away....

So, we kept it simple for Case's party. We had it at the park in our neighborhood, a super cool one. We did pizza and cake and just let the kiddos play. The adults got to hang out, the girls climbed and slid, and the boys played Star Wars (which as the party theme).

Here are some pics....

Case and his "best friend in the universe", Jack! Jack is the son of our dear friends Shad and Veronica. It's so great to have little boys in Case's life that are fun and come from families who love Jesus!

Jack, Case, and Austin eating cake and making disgusting boy jokes! What is it about little boys being together that brings out the wildness? Ha! They were great! Austin is my precious nephew. He is such a neat little guy....great character, smart as a whip, and a total goofball! Case canNOT get enough of him. You would think that they would tire of seeing one another, but every time is like the first time!

Here is my attempt at the Death Star cake. Ask Erin for the story on this one...she had me convinced that it was the easiest cake to make (she made it last year for Austin's birthday), so I went for it. About 5 minutes in I wanted to cuss. Come to find out that she is WAY more talented than me (which is NOT news), and her skill combined with her hubs' artistic ability is why it felt easy. I should have let her make it when she year, E, it's all you, kay? Love you!

Case and Austin dueling. Case is Luke (hence the blue light saber, apparently), and Austin is Darth Vader (which requires a red light saber for those of you that are Star Wars ignorant)! Ha!

Emily as Padme and Case as Luke. Emily's costume was a total throw together at the last minute. She loved it, though, so much so that she ended up ditching the idea of being Belle for Halloween and went as Padme. Gotta love that!

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