Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Curly Q

So, one of Emily's new vanities is that she really wishes her hair was curly! What? She's 6 and already she's wanting to look different than she does. Ugh!

Anyway, she asks me A LOT to braid her hair while its still wet from the shower so that she can sleep on it and wake up to curly hair. Problem is, Daddy does NOT like the crimped look on her. So, we waited until Dad was traveling for business to tickle her fancy:)

In the morning when she took out the braids, Case said, "Wow. You look like Aunt Mel"! Ha! Kind of does...and that's a good thing cause she's a looker!

So, here is Em's "preferred" look. At least for now. Heaven help me when she's 13!


Heather said...

You are such a great mom!

Erin said...

Catching up on your posts and loving them ALL! And...I agree with Heather!

Sara said...

Hi Karen! I just found your blog through Kristen Mercer's blog, she and I were roommates at UNC. It's great to see you are doing well. By the way, I have a 7 year old with stick straight her, who also wishes for curly hair. I just started doing sponge rollers at night and she LOVES it!! I tried hot rollers and the curl fell out within an hour, but the curls stay in for days with the sponge rollers! Funny thing is, I have a son with curly hair and he wants his hair straight! Guess the grass is always greener...Take care! ~Sara