Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh what a day...

sometimes i just feel like its an all lowercase day. i've not even got the emotional energy to push shift. it's the whole parenting gig that sends me in a tailspin. i just feel like how my kids are doing is such a direct reflection on how i am parenting them. i know, i know....you are shaking your heads at me saying that its not true. but i bet you feel the same way, right?
well, at any rate, today was one of those days that i felt like an utter failure. eWe is a precious child. But she is mighty dramatic, annoyingly emotional about everything and nothing, and recently has decided to forget all the basic rules of respect and obedience that we've seemingly been drilling into her for almost 5 years. she almost acts like its a game when i give her instruction....like she can smile and not obey right away and that will be funny. i hate it for you sister, but i ain't laughin'. not even on the inside. ugh. and since when does our rule that "you never solve your problems with your hands" go flying out the window? this is day 5 of having pushed her brother. granted he's deserved it, technically speaking.....he's just such a little brother, ya know? but regardless, your responses still have to be based on the holy spirit not your flesh, little one. double ugh.

so, unfortunately for her today she met her match. i sent her to her bed to "think about it". that is something i had to do as a kid and never really understood what i was to do with myself. so, why did i send her? well, first off...if i didn't i might have been tempted to hang her by her toes. and besides that...well i just was at a loss as to what else to try. in an effort to improve the process (no offense mom and dad), i did go in and give her specific bullet points to think on. oh, c'mon, you would expect nothing less from me...miss type A, right? (notice i did make the "A" an uppercase just b/c i know its true of me). At any rate, it seems to have penetrated her little heart some.

her actions at dinner were much better. she also lost other special priveledges (dessert, webkin usage indefinitely, etc), which may have been the straw that broke the camels back persay...who knows.

now, my sweet daughter, is sitting in her room for the remainder of the evening copying, "obey your parents in the Lord" (he gets an uppercase too) and "do unto others and you would have done to you" 5x. if you know her at all, though, she probably is kind of enjoying this part. she loves to do work and learn....seriously. but, i'm still hoping that this afternoon will stick with her for a while. if not, well there are always 10 other options....her toes!

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Melanie said...

Oh my sweet Em! I will pray for you tonight (as always) but especially tonight that you hear God speaking to your disobedient little heart! much love from your ginormously pregnant aunt mel:) PS - love and prayers for you too sis!