Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday, Emily!

I can hardly believe I'm the mom of a 6 year old! Unbelievable. Not that it is about me, but it just puts it all in perspective for me. I can still remember lying in my bed pregnant, looking across the hall to that closet full of little tiny clothes, thinking are we really going to have a little person who will fit in those? Oh my!

We celebrated kind of mildly this year. I have to say that Em's birthday was not high on my list with 14 other people here visiting, saying goodbyes, packing, and all that comes with moving. It's not that SHE's not important, but I just kept putting off the planning. So, at the last minute I decided that our family would bring her gifts to the Boardwalk Bash on Friday night (her actual birthday) and that she could spend the night at Aunt Lala's along with her cousin, Ella-Kathryn. On Saturday Aunt Lala took the girls shopping, had their nails done, took them out to lunch, and to the pool. We met them there later for a pool party for Emily. She wanted Tinkerbell, a few friends, all of our family, and pizza. Easy peasy! So thankful she didn't need/want anything extravagant...as I probably couldn't have produced it this year. Ha!

Anyway, here are a few pictures from the pool party...

Ava, Halle, Emily, and Will eating pizza.

Maribel and Pete

Aunt Lala, Aunt Melanie, Ryan, Jack, and Gran

Case and Ella-Kathryn

We're planning on doing a little more celebrating with our family in Memphis once we arrive and get settled.

As for Emily...where to start? Emily is outgoing, dramatic, strong-willed, and stubborn (no idea where she gets it). She's organized, scheduled, diligent, and bright. She likes to lead, but still doesn't quite know how to do it appropriately and in the best manner that others will follow (i.e. she can be bossy). She likes to be in the know (i.e. nosy), helpful, and she always wants to be around people. She loves to read, swim, sing, do dance and gymnastics, go shopping and watch movies. She's 6 going on 16 in appearance, behavior and attitude. My oh my what will next year be like? Love that sweet girl! Happy Birthday, Em!

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