Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Simpson

We've been enjoying the Simpsons (my sis and her fam) for the past 2 weeks or so. We've hit the beach, the Y, the pool, the boardwalk bash, and have had so much fun. We've only got a day or so left before they head out, and CLEARLY I'm going to need to take some more pictures than this. I'm pathetic, eh? But, here are few keepers for sure...

My nephew, Will, sporting the worker goggles and underware. Not a look many can get away with, right?

My nephew, Ryan asleep in the chair next to his momma. Poor fella...he was so tuckered out from a cold and benedryl.

And here's another of Will with a sweaty head at the boardwalk bash....it reminds me of those gnome/troll pencils that you would twist the hair on top! Ha!

Okay, hopefully more to come....

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