Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Saving the world one rat at time....

Our most interesting visitor this summer would most definitely be THE RAT!

It all began when I opened the kitchen trashcan (yes, you read that correctly), and saw movement. Out JUMP a RAT! Instead of closing the trashcan or doing anything logical to solve our problem, I ran away and screamed like a little girl. Chad promptly ignored me because he says, "I always hear screaming downstairs". Thanks for that! Fortunately, we still live with my Dad and HE came running. The next SEVERAL days were filled with rat catching escapades. It began with Dad making this homemade rat trap, which required lying on the floor, waiting for the rat to make noise, and then trapping him. I guess Chad decided to join him for moral support? Not sure, but I know it went on until 3 a.m. and there was no prisoner in the morning.

Poppy then blocked off all cabinet spaces that appeared "open" in the kitchen. So, logically the rat then next appeared in his bathroom. After closing off those, the rat then showed up in the pantry. At this point we added rat traps, real ones, no longer caring to be humane to this ridiculous creature:)

Well, all seemed quiet in the house for a day or so....so we assumed the rat had moved on.

Then one night I went to bed, Dad went to bed, and Chad stayed up working in the family room. I got a call on my cell phone, after having been asleep, and it was Chad. In hushed tones he said, "hey, I'm in the family room and I have the rat cornered." WHAT? Is this a dream? No, perhaps a nightmare, but not a dream.

So, I do what any good, tired wife does...I got up, opened the door, rolled my eyes and sighed heavily, and then proceeded to help Chad capture he and Dad's nemesis. The rat was cornered under a bookshelf that was near the back porch door. Chad got a flashlight and corned him in its beam. I remembered that Dad had said that if we could ever get it to run out the door that would be the best option. I also remembered that he said that they don't run across open expanses, but rather will stick along the wall. So, we proceeded to build a corral from the bookshelf to the back porch door...using the moving boxes and tubs that were stacked on the wall all ready for our move to Memphis in 2 weeks. Once the corral was constructed, Chad poked and prodded the rat with a rake and out he flew....down the corral, out on the porch, and out the back door! It worked! After a high five and a little clean-up of boxes, we were all able to sleep more soundly.

I think the thing that gets me the most, and there is so much material here to choose from, is that the thing was living with us for a whole week and we didn't even know it. Ick! Maybe it wasn't the same fella...I asked Dad if he thought it was and he said, "I don't know, Karen, I didn't ask his name." ha! Even so, to think of that gives me the heebie jeebies. Ya know? Alas, all is safe in the world now!

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