Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My two little loves...

I have to admit. Parenting has been a HUGE challenge for me this summer. I mean, I LOVE my children...but sometimes I've struggled in these days to truly LIKE them. Is that terrible? Just keepin' it real!

Anyway, I really believe that the struggle stems more from me....me being stressed from our current circumstances, not walking in the Spirit, and just being plum worn out. Yes, Emily and Case aren't completely without fault, but I feel that if only I could handle myself differently then we'd be that much closer to success, ya know?

Ah, in a perfect world!

Having said all that, here we are in one of our better moments. Watching the parade on the 4th....all squeezed together on Mommy's lap, me being the chair that we forgot to bring.

I do love my kiddos, and I even like them most of the time....I suppose its more about me not liking me. I'm just thankful that their memories are short, that the Lord's mercies are new each morning, and that I get to be their Mommy!

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