Saturday, October 31, 2009


Happy Halloween, everyone!

We started our festivities with eWe's Fall Parade at school yesterday. Here's a picture of her class. She's in the middle toward the end dressed as Minnie Mouse.

Here is her class parading by. As you watch the video, you'll hear me trying to get her attention. She actually looks like she sees me, but not so much. When she finally does see me, well, just watch and see and be sure and listen for my *sigh* at the end! Ha!

Daddy took over and continued the Halloween fun by taking the kids to a Fall festival called BethleHEM Marketplace (apparently I say "ham" and that is SOOOO wrong in the eyes of my hubs). Ha!

This morning I awoke to the great carving of the pumpkins. The kids each got to pick the design of their choice, and Daddy got to do all the work! Both of them thought it was too gross....what? Are you my children? I LOVE getting slimy and dirty...

eWe picked the ever traditional look.

Lil' C on the other hand opted for a more modern twist of the traditional look...and if you look at his face, I think he's trying to match his new friend!

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Erin said...

This is so cute!!!! Love those pics and the video is priceless! :) Love and miss yall!