Saturday, October 31, 2009

My little girl's heart for God

eWe has such an amazing little brain, and can memorize and remember things so well. This has truly served her well at AWANA, a kids program that she and Lil' C go to at a local baptist church on Wednesday nights. They LOVE it!

Poppy generously takes them each and every week, which they also love. This gives the hubs and I a date night, which we truly cherish.

Anyway, here is eWe reciting her first verse from this year, John 3:16. This one was a big accomplishment for her since it was her first "longer" one, and for some reason it has stuck with her more than the others.

It is such a precious, precious thing for me to see them learning God's word and truly storing it up in their hearts. I know that it means something to her and isn't just head knowledge because I see her burdened already, at age 5, to share the good news with others.

In fact, many of you already know the story of how she shared Christ with her good friend on the way home from school one day last year. The little girl said that she didn't know God, and eWe proceeded to share with her how she could. It was so dear, and a pretty spot on gospel presentation. This summer they talked about it again and the little girl said that she went home and asked her mommy to help her pray to ask Jesus into her heart. I pray for this little girl regularly, and her family....

Along those same lines, eWe has taken to copying books. It's quite interesting. She actually will rewrite a whole book, and says she is doing it to give to a friend. Well, yesterday she decided to start copying a book about Jesus and the disciples so that she could give it to the same little girl she shared her faith with. She said, "I thought this book would be good to copy for her since she doesn't know Jesus all that well." I replied with a tear in my eye, "Yes, yes...I think that would be lovely."

And on a final note....yesterday she was working on her homework. She was to fill in the blank on a turkey feather made of construction paper that will go on her classroom turkey at school. It read, "I am thankful for____". Well, she came out of her room and handed it to me after writing on the blank and decorating the feather. Her's read, "I am thankful for God and Jesus."

And for that I am thankful!


Emily and Forrest said...

What a precious heart. I'm teary eyed.

Leslie See Photography said...

Emily is such a little blessing! OH, by the way, you forgot the sticker she added to her feather... hehehe. Just kidding friend!

Melanie said...

Love that girls heart for the Lord! She looks so big in that video too, I just can't get over it. Give her our love:)

kristinwithani said...

What a sweet gift from the Lord for you to be allowed to SEE it!

Erin said...

I LOVE her sweet heart. I am a proud aunt!! Love you all and miss you!

LoveBKWJ said...

Oh I love this blog!! That just warms my heart! What a smart little girl who is learning to know God so deeply!! You do good work mom!! :)