Monday, September 14, 2009

Balancing act

So eWe is into her second week of dance. She's taking ballet, tap, and tumbling all wrapped up into one, one hour class. We held off for so long b/c we just didn't know how we felt about the balance of spending time as a family & not running around every night vs. giving our kiddos opportunities to learn and to do fun things.

Five years old seemed a reasonable time to start, as it had given her one year of school (preschool) to get adjusted to that as a portion of her schedule. Too, it really gave her time to consider what one thing she'd really like to do. She thought through options of soccer, gymnastics, dance, etc. She even tried a free class here or there at the Y to get a taste (which was the entire reason we originally joined....who knew I'd become a fitness junkie and test for my certification as an instructor?!?). But in the end, eWe consistenly asked us if and when she could take "ballet". So, we are officially enrolled and are paying what we consider to be a ridiculous amount of money for her to take dance.

But, to hear her see her dressed and ready hours before class each week....and to have her cry in the car when leaving b/c waiting a whole other week seems so priceless. She LOVES it!

It will be interesting to see if this is what she sticks with, what part of her class she likes best, and whatnot. The other night she was showing us what she was learning....crab walks, backwards rolls, cartwheels, bridges, etc. She demonstrated to the best of her ability, and before you could say "boo" we were all on the ground (yes, the hubs, poppy, lil' C, and I) attempting to do bridges to see if we still could. We weren't sure if they required flexibility or arm strength or both? But, I have to proudly announce...I still got it. The menfolk, were a sight. None of them could push up into positition. It was hilarious! I can't wait to see what we'll all be trying next week! Ha!

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Melanie said...

Yeah Em! Can't wait to see you after you learn your first "dance." Love you sweet girl!
Aunt Mel