Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So a few weeks ago we visited a new church. It's not one we actually consider going to because it's so very far away, but on that particular day we had some errands to take care of in that area and thus opted to do something different.

The morning began a little rocky, though. I woke up feeling a dark cloud hovering over my head. It must have been obvious to my sweet hubs, because he made it clear that he wanted me to perch on the barstool, read my email and blogs (or whatever it is I do), and he would serve me coffee and breakfast. Very sweet. However, in his attempt at ministering he may have taken it a little too far. I asked him what time we would need to leave to get there on time. He said 9:45 a.m. That meant I had about 15 minutes until "go-time". Now this man knows that I despise being rushed, and I equally despise being tardy so while I recognized he'd sacrificed one on the alter of my foul mood, I took him at his word on the other. So, we were all loaded up and pulling out and I plugged the address for the church into the GPS....and "Garmina" slowly calculated me further into my funk. Yes, we would NOT be arriving on time. We would be arriving to this new church promptly 5 minutes+ after it began, and would have to find the kid's classrooms and whatnot. Oh, brother.

So, as you can imagine I was a bit testy. As such, the kiddos kept getting louder, and louder,and louder (at least it seemed so to me). See we have two talkers (they come by it honestly from their mamacita), and so the incessently also asked questions, made music requests, etc. I finally turned around and said, "Please, no more talking until we arrive!" eWe, in typical fashion, proceeded with boldness to ask yet another question to which I did not reply. Then I hear soft whimpering followed by her wailing, "You won't talk to me!!!!!!!!" This is a dreaded thing in our family. I have to say that I get it. I cannot stand "non-responders". Just ask my parents, my old roommate/dear friend KB, and my hubs. So I DO get it. But I had nothing left in the tank. So I calmly said to eWe, "Honey, no. I'm not going to talk. Sorry." sounds so hilarious now!

Anywho, we arrive at our destination and the hubs as apologized profusely, poor fella. He even tells me to go on and find a seat and he'll take care of the kiddos and meet me in there. So precious.

Then the icing on the cake.....we go to pick the kids up from one of the coolest children's ministry places I've ever seen, by the way, and eWe hands me a piece of paper that she was working on while sitting next to the volunteer (this will pack a punch in a moment, promise...just wait for it) She also had a beamingly proud face, I might add. So, I took the sheet and looked at it and just CRACKED UP! (and then wished there was a corner to hide in, mind you).
Here is what she drew and wrote:

In case you can't interpret her NOT-AT-ALL abstract art....that is her and I (she's the one who is 5, as you can note, and I am the one who looks like a crazy person). And her writing says it all, "My Mommy made me mad!" Well, at least I can be thankful for a few things:

1. That church isn't close enough to go to again and no one from there will likely cross my path again.
2. eWe is not an emotional bottler. She may not have been able to talk to me in the car with her words, but you can be sure she'll be heard. I'll never have to guess what's going on in that head and heart of hers.
3. And, well, she's a good speller for just having turned 5....that's gotta count for something, right?

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Erin said...

HA!!!! You never told me this!!! Too much!