Monday, September 14, 2009

Change is in the hair....I mean, air!

So, many of you know that I have become a bit of a fitness junkie this past year or so. It all began with a Y membership that we purchased so that our kiddos could be exposed to different activities and decide what they liked best. I also had a goal to lose a bunch of weight (about 61 honor of each year that my Mom lived...which I wrote about in a previous post). I am still on my weight loss journey. I'm over half way there, but still have a long way to go. I've had several setbacks...leg injury, shingles, foot injury, travel, travel, and more travel! Not excuses, but a meager explanation.

Anyway, I decided, with some encouragement from my Y instructor to get certified to teach. So, after 3 months of preparation and studying, I took my exam...this past Friday. I feel like I was prepared and wasn't surprised by anything. And I felt totally encouraged and prayed for by those around me.

My sweet friends and family texted me all day, sent me off with notes of encouragement, and even bought me a step to practice on in the future! This is a picture of Les' card (the one who got me the step) and sweet Nicole's notes.....she actually cut out hearts (from a Target baby registry she printed off for a shower) and wrote encouraging things on the back....PRECIOUS!

But what was hilarious was my arrival back home. I am gone for 9 hours and as I walk through the door I was shocked to find that my husband had dyed his hair (in order to lighten it...picture copperish), and my Dad shaved his mustache. WHAT???? The hubs won't allow me to show you his beauty venture, but here's Dad's...

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Melanie said...

OH my GRAVY!!! DADDDDDD!!!! I can't even tell how it really looks since he's making that goofy face:) Love you and so glad you had Leslie and Nicole there to give you hands on encouragement!