Thursday, September 17, 2009

Funnies for your Friday

You know how it say the cutest things, right. Well, here are a few of our recent quips...

  • As I was dropping off eWe at school the other morning she asked, "Mom, why does my brother sleep all the time? He's still asleep when I leave for school and he's taking a nap when I get home! I never get to see him any more. All we do is eat dinner together." I thought this was just precious and priceless....she was really missing him. See, he IS such a sleeper. Especially lately. My Mom would say it's a growth spurt:) Maybe it is. Anyway, the hubs works from home so I can just leave him sleeping while I run her to school. Nice perk for all of us. Maybe they'll be friends again after all. I was beginning to think otherwise by the end of summer!
  • As you know we're at a crossroad in our life regarding "where to live". We actually don't talk about it all that much except on dates, etc. But out of nowhere the other night at dinner Lil C' says, "So guys, what do you think about where we should live?" Too funny coming from a not-quite-4 year old!
  • After having seen the broadway production of Wicked earlier this year, my friend bought me the CD. After playing it in the car with my kiddos, they quickly became fond of #7, "Popular". Hilarious! So, one day after school eWe comes home and says,
"Mom, guess what I told my teacher today. I told her she was popular!"

Through controlled giggles I said, "you did? And what did Mrs. Robbins think of that?"

"Well", eWe replied, "she just laughed and gave me a hug."

"Oh", I said, "well eWe, do you even know what that means?"

"Yes, Mom", she said with complete exasperation, "it means well-liked! And she is popular with me!"

(take that Mom! she may only be 5, but she KNOWS!)

  • While eWe was talking on the phone with Nana the other day she asked to talk to Pa. Nana quickly told her Pa was traveling on business in Texas. Well, to that eWe asked, "Nana, what language do they speak in Texas?" Ha!
  • While eWe was talking on the phone with Nana today to wish her a happy birthday, she asked Nana how old she was going to be. Little did she know the inappropriateness of such a question:) Nana told her and eWe's response was, "Wow, that's almost one hundred!" Poor Nana!

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Aunt LaLa said...

She is SO precious! 5 going on 16! I miss those children!!! When am I going to see you all? They are getting so darn grown up! Love your blog! Love you guys!