Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The other night the hubs and I went out for our date night. We headed to the big city for dinner b/c there was something that he wanted to do in that area afterwords. Turns out that he wanted to get me a new ipod to replace the one I was given for free as a hand-me-down...b/c it went kaput:( Very sweet of the hubs, and quite a surprise to me.

So we walk into the Apple store and he informs me that he thinks that I would want to get the nano....he explains the benefits, etc...then tells me that I need to simply pick out the color I want.

Hold the phone. I have to make a decision here? Ugh!

Now, it's not that I can't make decisions....I'm actually quite decisive when I want to be. But we had just spent the better part of our dinner talking through a bunch of where to spend the holidays, what to do with investments, and yes....where we might live. And now I was going to be forced to pick out a color on my ipod. Oh boy! I was immediately under-the-pile.

There they all were...shiny, useful, beautiful little delights...and somehow I had to decide which color might best represent me, might be exciting to select, and yet classic enough that I would not get tired of it. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, silver, black, and pink.

I began the rationalization filtering process and would have it down to one or two. Then I would come up with some asinine reason to bring that color back into the mix. "It looks to0 flashy", "It is too boring", "I just had a phone that color", "It reminds me of such and such a football team", or "It looks like a pack of gum". What???????? Ahhhh???????

It was at about this point I asked the hubs, "Can I phone a friend?"

He says, "No, goofball. Just pick what you like and go with it."

I'm all, "Uhhh, okay." And with that he, being fed up with my reasoning and utter panic, walks away to look at Macs. So, I excuse myself to the restroom and come out phone in hand desperately trying to get my sister on the phone. But much to my dismay this is the ONE time she opts to not take my call b/c she is feeding her family, nursing her baby, blah...blah...blah. Doesn't she know that I have an important decision to make? AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

So, the hubs is shaking his head at me from across the store and I return to my position front and center in front of the nanos who are now beginning to taunt me to the rhythm of the clock ticking towards store closing time.

Okay, I'm pulling the trigger and going with green, no red, no blue. Yes, blue. And BLUE it is. I figure it's a fun color, not a typical choice for me (I'm a green girl), but it's classic. Phew! That is behind me. Well, I do hesitate several times between the nanos and the counter, but somehow I make it without fully changing my mind.

Then, as we get back in the car to head home the hubs points out that this is similar to our decision on where to live. That they are all great options. We know so much about each area that it is easy to identify the pros and cons. And, we aren't being forced by someone else's hand and so it's truly up to us. And ultimately, though it's important to put ourselves in the process, we are going to end up with a choice that will make us happy. Someday we might wonder, "What if I had chosen green", but most of the time we'll be able to remember why blue was the better choice for us.

So, I guess I was supposed to feel comforted by this analogy. However, instead I was left thinking....ummmm, did you see me struggle in there? I AM NOT capable of making this choice, CLEARLY! It feels arbitrary, and at times I was tempted to do "Eeeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo" just to get it over with. Oh boy! What in the world! Pray for us! Ha!


Aunt LaLa said... new I-pod...and NEW address? Any decision? I selfishly pray for Florida...but also for Arkansas, for you and Mel to be closer...pray for you to make a good decision. Wherever you go, it will be good! Like I said...I am just SELFISH!! But wherever you go, I'll come for a visit! Love you guys!

Emily and Forrest said...

I've heard that Kyrgyzstan has some great living options for you too! :)
So sweet of Chad to get you an Ipod. I'm hoping Forrest will do the same one day but I think he's way too practical.
Miss you!

Cori said...

I just love reading your blog because I can *hear* your voice and your laughter everytime in my head. Miss you my old friend. <3

Melanie said...

AM I famous now - now that I'm your phone-a-friend? Will everyone be calling me so as to not get my much needed advice, since I will invariable be feeding one member of my family or another? seriously you are a nut and I cannot believe you so stressed about the COLOR of your ipod:) Love you!