Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I could just kiss her brain

So, as you know, sweet eWe started Kindergarten. She's such a bright little one that I worry she might be bored. Her teachers are great, though, and I'm so thankful she ended up in the class that she did. I certainly poured my heart out to the Lord over the summer...that He would place her exactly where she needed to be. So, I take great rest in that. eWe told me that her teacher, "kisses her brain" (kisses her own two fingers and then put them on eWe's forehead)....I think that is so cute! I've had that "emotion" so often as I've watched eWe take on new information, but have never known how to communicate what I was I do!

Here she is as she was leaving the first morning...I can't believe how big she looks and yet her backpack seems to swallow her!

When I picked her up and peppered her with questions, like any Mom would do (right?), she took a deep breath with eyes glazed over and said, "Mom, please don't ask me any more questions. I don't feel like talking. I've had a long day." Ha! As my friend, Les said, "She went in as a Kindergartner and came out a high school student!" Oh my!

After we got her home, fed her the rest of the lunch she'd been unable to finish (perhaps b/c I sent her with enough food to feed all the hungry children she'd encounter), she was ready to call her extended family and share about her first day. The way she talks on the phone is so teenager-like too, and is also so much like her Daddy. She paces, walks through the house, and then lounges. Too funny! Here is where she landed during her conversation with Pa.
So, I will continue to pray that she will be challenged and yet not be forced to grow up too quickly. I never knew how delicate of a balance this was. It makes sense to me now why so many kids either end up feeling pushed too hard by the parents and perhaps like they could never be good enough, and still others feel like their parents didn't care. Lord, help us to be balanced parents. I pray that eWe would know that what matters most to us is her heart. I pray that she would know that her value is not in how she behaves, what she knows, etc....but rather in who she is as a daughter of the King of kings. Amen!

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