Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another one "bites" the dust

Em came home from school the other day missing tooth number 2! I happened to be at the Y in boot camp when she came home, so she asked Daddy for paper to write me a note. The note says, "I lost my tooth at school. I was eating my shirt on the the carpet. By Emily"! Hilarious! Her sweet teachers put it in a baggy for her to bring home. As soon as I read the note and saw Em she promptly put it into her tooth fairy pillow.

For her first tooth she got $5...apparently a tradition in the hubs' family. For tooth number 2...a silly band! Are your kiddos into these? They are rubber bands shaped like animals, instruments, etc that kids are wearing around like bracelets. The big thing is to trade with others for silly bands you like. Too funny! They are such a treasured possession around our house that I've begun to use them as a means of rewarding good behavior and as consequences for bad (taking them away). You should have seen the tears tonight when they had to surrender them ALL to me for their ongoing terrible behavior.

Anyway, on another tangent....we don't really even do the tooth fairy. I know there are wildly varying opinions on this topic, but for us we chose to make it fun but keep it real. They still tuck it under their pillow, they still get a fun treat/money, but they know that it's us that is doing it because we want their teeth as precious memories. They also know that they are NOT to tell other children that the tooth fairy is not real....because everyone's family does it different.

Okay, I've rambled enough...nite!


Erin said...

Awe...yay, Emily!!! You are precious!

Aunt LaLa said...

How many teeth have been lost so far? I love that tooth-fairy pillow! You mentioned those bracelets! They are even popular in my high school! Multi-colored, shaped...the girls are all exchanging them..playing with them. I heard it came from China. Doesn't everything in America now come from there? Emily, I'd love you toothless or toothfull...As Aunt E said, you are precious!