Sunday, May 30, 2010

Friday nights...

It's that time of year....when we head down to The Boardwalk Bash on Friday nights. Free popcorn, dollar drafts, and a live music. We get to see lot of friends, feed the turtles and fish in the pond, and sometimes even happen upon other fun things like pirates, RC boat races on the pond, etc. It's a great time at the end of the week, and heck...I get out of cooking! Yay!

Em rockin' the night away.

Em and Case were perched on this bench watching the RC boats zoom around the pond.

My handsome little devil.

Daddy and Emily lounging.

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Heather said...

after reading your posts ... I'm thinking we need another weekend with the Woelkes .... we miss you guys!

We went to the beach the other day to meet my brother and sister in law and R & P were looking everywhere for E and C!