Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Life Lessons

So, Em is approaching her first dance recital (showcase, as it's called at this studio)'s this Saturday.

When we started dance in the Fall it was because Em had been asking for 2 years if she could take it. We finally decided to dig deep in our pockets and make it happen because she'd been patient, understanding, and because honestly...we felt that 5 was a good age to begin.

We signed her up for a combo class so that she would have maximum exposure and be able to figure out what she enjoys and is good at. It was a Ballet/Tap/Tumble class. Well, she LOVES the tumble, likes the ballet, and doesn't care for tap a bit.

Well, with the turn of the new year, the classes really begin to focus on the Showcase routines, which just happen to be ballet and tap. Once Em began to realize that was the case, she lost interest in going and one week had a MAJOR melt down at the studio just before class. This was one of those that left me wondering who the child was that I was football carrying out to the car screaming and crying! She is dramatic, but not in that was UNBELIEVABLE!!!

That night I put her straight to bed at 5:30 p.m., but not before I had a long talk with her about finishing what you start. She agreed to see it through to the Showcase. Whew!

Since that time, she's really not said another word about it all. So, I thought she might have changed her mind and was enjoying herself. Well, the other day someone asked her if she was excited for the Showcase this weekend and she said, "No, not really. Well, actually yes....because that means I've finished what I started and am done with dance!" Hilarious! I guess we'll start looking for gymnastics for her, eh? Ha!

Anyway, here was my attempt to put her short hair in a bun for dress rehearsal the other night.
Not bad, right?

And here she is all made up (to studio requirements for lighting). She's a beautiful little girl, but this is so scary to me...1. because she looks all grown up, but 2. because I don't want her to think this makes her pretty. Oh gracious the battles that lie ahead, eh? Whew!


Heather said...

Do it well my friend and blog often about it because those of us behind you with little girls are watching and taking notes ... you must pave the way. No pressure at all! :) Just kidding of course. :)

She is a beautiful girl ... without the make up or with it! I think you and Chad do a great job of teaching her and training her in the way she should go!!

But know that I'm watching you :)

Erin said...

Love this...can't wait to see her tumble in Memphis!Love you!

Aunt LaLa said...

She looks gorgeous though a bit like a pageant contestant! Emily is determined and strong-willed...wonder where she gets that from? But a love! As you always were/are!

kristinwithani said...

LOVE the new header photo! That's a keeper for sure.

I quit ballet/tap/dance. Around third grade. Of course at age 39 I wish I hadn't. I also quit the flute. Because I moved to NC and there was no music program at my school. I quit softball and soccer. Because I moved to NC and there was no girls soccer at my school. I quit gymnastics. I wish I had stuck with all of them!

I've asked my mom why she "let" me quit. (I didn't quit any mid-season. She also made me finish my commitment) Her response? "Have you ever done battle with a child who pitches a major fit every time you leave for a practice you are paying for? Not worth it." I'm sure there's more to the story than that.

All that to say. It sounds like Em got the the idea about fulfilling commitments.

i hope the showcase is a blast!