Friday, May 28, 2010

Stayin' alive...

So, I don't currently have any pictures of Em in her dance recital attire, but here are a few pictures from afterwords...make-up and hair still "done". She tapped to "Stayin' alive" and did ballet to "You've Got a Friend" (from Toy Story). The theme for the whole Showcase was "A Night at the Movies".

Daddy bought her flowers, on his own, and I thought it was so thoughtful that he got her ones to match her costume (yellow, white and black). He's such a great dad!

These were her first flowers....and BOY HOWDY did she LOVE getting them. She didn't overreact when they were given to her, but she proceeded to carry them around the rest of the day into the restaurant and even into Wal-Mart when shopping later. I told Chad that those flowers were bound to be the highlight of the whole day for her, and they most certainly were!

She also got such a kick out of the fact that she was still "done-up" while in Wal-Mart....she's so aware of that kind of amazes me!

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Erin said...

I wish I could have been there for her recital!!!! Way to go on the flowers, Chad!