Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bird Island

So on Saturday we went out with Poppy on the boat. We rode for about 30-45 minutes out to this place called Bird Island (no, not where Clifford the Big Red Dog lives....although, when I assured Em that there could be more than one Bird Island she said, "Well, you just never know. We'll have to look around for him". Ha!)

Anyway, once we anchored the boat we explores tons of pools of water, hunted for sand dollars, played bocce ball, and walked the island. It was a GLORIOUS day!!! I will SOOOO miss living here, in paradise!

Mommy and Daddy's self-portrait....yes, we are wearing suits:) Ha!

Our little sunlover, Em!

Muscle man, Case!

Em playing Bocce Ball.

Case playing Bocce Ball.

Poppy, Case, Daddy, and Em playing Bocce Ball.

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