Friday, May 28, 2010

Jesus Loves Me....

We have just come to the end of another year of AWANA. This year Emily was in Sparks and Case was in Cubbies for a second year (all of that is based on age and grade).

We have been SOOO blessed by this program, and in particular by their teachers. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the kind of reminds me of a Christian version of Scouts. They have vests to display patches, jewels, and other rewards they earn for learning Scripture. They study a lesson at home each week and then review it several different ways during the weekly meeting...songs, stories, games, etc.

Em is such a diligent student, and was so motivated to earn jewels that she finished her whole book half way through the year. As a result, she spent the second half of the year reviewing it. She got a special reward for having done both.

Even though this was Case's second year as a Cubbie, it was a different book. I saw SUCH a HUGE difference in his ability and desire to learn from last year to this year. He looked forward to the book work, memorized verses so readily and with ease, and was one of Miss Tammy's stars in regards to behavior in her ALL BOY class (God bless that woman)!

They both have LOVED going. I initially did it b/c we didn't have a church home here, and therefore they weren't getting Sunday School teaching of any kind. Now that we are moving to a place where we know we'll have a church, will we still pursue being in an AWANA club? I don't know...but I know that my children have learned such valuable lessons and have had a blast. They most certainly know the fundamentals of the gospel in a more solidified way, and know that Jesus LOVES them! I've seen this overflow out of them as Em has shared her faith with friends, and as Case has quoted a lesson he learned from scripture in the midst of an argument with his sister saying, "Emily, the Bible says we shouldn't hurt others back when they hurt us." (Yes, that truly did happen over Spring Break...Chad and I couldn't stop laughing!).

Anyway, here are a few pictures from our AWANA closing night program and party....

Emily with her her fellow Sparks (I'll try to post the video of them singing their songs soon too).

Case with his second year ribbon award (not sure about that silly face.)

Case opted to NOT take a plate, but instead double fisted goodies w/ a soda tucked under the arm (like father, like son eh? Again with the goofy grin???).

My two little piggies. When asked what their favorite part of AWANA each week was, they both would reply snack-time. What a surprise!

And just thought I'd throw this one in for a good laugh. Case asked me, "Mom, why do you and Daddy always take pictures of us. Can't I take one of you?" And my new answer to his question would be....well, just look at that picture and you'll know. Ha!


Melanie said...

HeeHee - I like Case's pic of you! Love those sweet faces and can't wait to see them soon. I'm bringing candy for them to double fist:)

Erin said...

I am so very proud of them!!!!